Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bob, the spider who watches me

So, 5 hours of work after roughly 3 hours of school gets to be a little bit stressful for a high school teen. So the minute I walk in the front door naturally SHOULD become the best minute of my life, right? Am I right?


Normally, I will come home and casually set down my stuff before beginning my afternoon order. What changed you may ask? I finally noticed the large spider in the corner of my bathroom was staring at me.

How long had he been sitting there? How long had he been living in that corner? How had I not noticed him before? And why was he staring at me!?!?

So thinking very hard (very difficult for a teenager to do) I tried to remember when the last time he wasn't there was. Then I had an epiphany, he had been living there since the end of "the epidemic" (more on that in a different blog). Instead of listening to the reasonable side of my brain, he is now a resident of the bathroom, which oddly enough is plastered with poison dart frog wallpaper. In spite of my serious arachnophobia (I would rather drink toilet water than touch a spider with a 10 foot long pole), I tolerate the spider in the corner and have named him Bob.

And that is how I got a spider for a pet.


  1. Like you needed another pet. Your mother will undoubtedly send a manned shoe-craft in after him. bob will be DeD.


    1. She tried that and it failed the last time.

  2. Are you sure his name isn't Boris the spider?